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nike air max 720 black green
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The Nike Air Max 720, which runnersomg.com still boasts the brand’s tallest Air unit ever, inherently appears extraterrestrial. Its debut “Northern Lights” and sequential gradients have added other-worldy spins to the silhouette’s already-other-worldy wavy upper and plump cushioning. And the latest iteration of this Air Max model ups the ante with an arrangement depicting outer space.

While rooted in the same affinity for life beyond Earth as the recent Air Max 90 Galaxy, the Air Max 720 features different prints and color schemes. Instead of purple and silver, this pair boasts a “Black” and “Flash Crimson” composition, with the latter hue taking over bottom-halves, including nike shoes womens running translucent Airbags. The former appears prominently throughout the Air Max 720, most notably across the tongue and collar, but it falls into the shadows of the blues, whites and pinks that make up adjacent prints of space.

The most awaited sneakers of the year are determined to revolutionize the nike air max 720 black green streets and to exceed all the expectations comfort wise. The Air Max 720 present the biggest air unit ever seen in the history and visible at 360º from any angle. This capsule represents an aesthetic and functional improvement that makes the Air Max technology more popular than ever. The inspiration of the color palette comes directly from nature, particularly from space, the volcano lava and the ocean and its storms.

Air is visible in 360° – both horizontally and vertically, hence the name 720.The Air Max 720 Look for is the first lifestyle sneaker created with a full-length Air unit, in other words it runs from toe to heel. Although the Air Max 97 was created with a full-length unit, it was a performance running shoe rather than casualwear. The game has changed, but the name remains as Air Max keeps innovating.

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