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Test SubForów - Hiring of Assignment Services!

fahmidakhatoon - 2020-12-08, 12:20
Temat postu: Hiring of Assignment Services!
Hi friends, this is Fahmida Khatoon, and I am a resident of Karachi, Pakistan. I am a working woman, and I have 10 years of working experience as a Professor at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University. I teach economics to students, from the introduction level to expert level. I hate one thing in university students which is every time I provide them with assignments they hire Assignment Writing Services for their tasks and submit it to me. Most of the time I think to award these types of students with zero grading but due to restrictions I usually don’t. Because of these students, a lot of good students lose their motivation and then they also start doing the same things like that. This is the main reason, I think, and it will affect our young generation in years to come. We still have time and I will request all of you guys to stop hiring someone for your work and try doing it by yourself.

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